Extensive Genetic & Biological research has failed to produce a 'gay or homosexual gene.' In spite of the clamor to the contrary, 21st century science has proven that homosexuality is no more a birth trait than pedophilia or beastiality. This blog will examine what science's findings have to say about the complex issue of human sexuality.


Charles Darwin’s findings and subsequent evolutionary theory has become widely accepted in biology. One of Darwin’s principal, overarching themes throughout his work is the concept of natural selection. Oxford dictionary defines natural selection as

“the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring.”

One of the key components of natural selection is the idea that genetic mutations which tend toward survival and reproduction are selected, while genes that inhibit survival and reproduction will be eradicated from any species. In other words, if there had been a ‘gay (non-reproductive) gene’ at some point in the history of the human race, it would have been stamped out of the gene pool by natural selection. Such a gene would not only hinder, but explicitly prohibit reproduction & subsequent continuation of the species.


Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe, lead singer for the band R.E.M., probably summed it up best, when he told VH1 in a well publized interview that – he was not heterosexual or homosexual, but that he was ‘Just Sexual.’

This is a fascinating self-proclamation.

Evolutionary biologists have been telling us for years that there is no ‘gay gene’ or ‘homosexual trait’ found in human DNA that categorizes or predetermines a person’s sexuality pre-birth (more on that later). At the same time, however, news media sound bytes, pop culture figures and Hollywood film & television writers would lead us to believe the contrary. Unconcerned or unwilling to be bothered with real, scientific evidence – the prevailing, mass media message about homosexuality in the 21st century is that – it’s simple, some men & some women are just born gay.

I want to examine this conclusion with what science really has to tell us about this issue. My real aim is to pursue this without all the emotional, close-minded, overzealous, almost religious devotion to defending this issue, (some even going so far as to equating sexuality with one’s race), & strip this down to the facts at hand. I will also include, very public, real world examples that have been publized about this very complex issue.

Chime in whenever you like, this blog, after all, is about finding the answers – thanks for following